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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Blues....And Then...

...Charleston Fashion Week popped into my inbox! As many of you know, I spend a lot of time at the mall shopping for or with clients. I try to avoid the mall when it's super crowded, like Black Friday, and in general the entire month of December. So seeing spring fashion show previews got me going again. Want to know what I found out?

The email was to announce the 2013 Top 2013 Top Design 20 Emerging Designer Competition: East semifinalists. They are Afriyie Poku, Callie Nichol, Cassidy Brown, Clarissa Arocena and Bryan Datinguinoo, Hope Wallace, Hyemin Cho, Jazsalyn McNeil, Karen Hulse, Katherine Barron, Kendra Duplantier, Kita Nolley, Lulu Long, Mary Katherine Schweitzer, Megan Huntz, Monisha Pillai, Roz Morris, Sabrina Spanta, Serena da Conceição, and Victoria Cid.

Of the twenty emerging designers, three are from North Carolina and two are from the Triangle area. Clarissa Arocena and Bryan Datinguinoo are from Durham, Victoria Cid from Charlotte and Jazsalyn McNeil is from Raleigh. We hope they all do well at the show!

CFW this spring is March 19-23, and if you've a mind to volunteer some time, you'll get to see some great fashion and hang out in Charleston. What could be better?

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