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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dapper Style House Has Style!

Last night at Dapper turned out to be great fun. The new store manager/ buyer is Dusty and he really rocks. With about 6 years of experience from another store, I really believe the insight he brings to Dapper will propel them to furthering their mark in the community. He shared with me his future plans of incorporating more men’s furnishings -new lines like Ted Baker and an assortment of complete offerings for the trendy Raleigh guy. Women's clothing will still play a part in the store as they find a look for women wanting something other than a basic party dress.

Less is more and I get the feeling Dapper will dig deep to get that new look for clients. Dapper is unique in that they have a bar - it gives new meaning to shopping! The bar will also be expanded with more nightly and weekend events. They have even brought in an NC student to do a visual story for their window monthly. How cool is that?!?

We certainly had that bonding moment and I especially enjoyed his insight and excitement of what is to come. I expect in the fall I will join them again and plan something that will showcase their new look. The interior will also be revamped and updated. I only hope that don't get rid of the swing in the store. Nothing like swinging on a swing to feel youthful! What a great evening at Dapper, and even walked out with a LBD. I was rocking it!

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