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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Savvy Stylist Answers A Girlfriend’s Question

I recently had lunch with my girlfriend Lynn, who is probably one of the nicest, sweetest, most southern gals I know. She is a gifted artist and quite honestly, has one of the cutest figures of a woman over 50 that I know. She really has great legs, but sometimes questions what is appropriate to wear given her age. She also doesn't want to invest in items that are really trendy, but would like to look updated.

Her first question is about tunics. She loves the look of tunics, but realizes they are too short to wear without anything under them, great legs or not.

I suggest, in this heat, to look for stretch cotton/leggings or jeggings to wear with a tunic. Take a thicker woven belt (at least 3 inches) and place it on your hips. Not only will you look stylish, but this look will also transition into fall. A flat or wedge shoe works for summer and in the fall switch it up to a shoe boot or gladiator woven heel.

Check out www.shopstyle.com for leggings that are different lengths and will work well with tunics or long fitted or ruched tees. This combination is a great age-appropriate look for older women, but make sure your top covers your back end, regardless of how great a figure you may have. This is not wonderful look for women who have larger thighs or back ends, as leggings generally are quite fitted. If you are heavier, make sure your tunic comes to your mid thigh.

Her second question is about camisole tops, or camis. Lynn loves to layer camis but doesn't like the look of her bra showing between the straps of her camis and tanks tops. I agree, the bra thing showing tends to look a little trashy and is not a great look for a grown woman. She also struggles with what to wear for a bra with tops that are macramé in the front or back or a racer back tee shirt.

I suggested she go to Gigi's at Stonehenge Market on Creedmoor Road in Raleigh or their Cary location. The perfect solution is a racer back camisole that has molded breast cups and a bandeau that has the same molded breast cup. For women that are not particularly chesty, it really does the trick. So these are what she chose!

Simple solutions! Send me an email if you have fashion questions - I may have just the simple solution for you. I'm here to help…..

From My Closet to Yours,

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