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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The summer linen pant…the right choice!

So I bet everyone agrees, it’s often just too hot to bother dressing up. There are a few options to get a pulled together look when jeans are not a worthy choice.

Here is some food for thought on selecting linen for warm weather dressing:

  1. Linen is a natural fabric made from the flax plant
  2. Linen is comfortable, versatile and cool!
  3. China is the number one exporter of linen (no big surprise there)
  4. Today linen is often sprayed with a special finish to reduce wrinkling
  5. Most linen can be hand washed or put in a washing machine
  6. To maintain the crisp look of linen, the dry cleaner can provide a “press only” option
  7. Never use a steamer to remove wrinkles, as it will break down the fibers
  8. Lastly, when traveling, pack your linen in tissue paper and in a plastic dry cleaning bag. When you arrive, remember to unpack and hang it as soon as possible to prevent any additional wrinkles (my grandmother used to do this)

Now that you have a basic knowledge about linen, how about how to actually wear it! For summer the best look for linen is a loosely fit pant with a fitted blouse or tee shirt with a hat, scarf and sunglasses. Great relaxed dressing! For a dressier look, opt for again a loose fit pant, fitted or full top with a cropped fitted jacket. It is fine to have the shirttail hang below the jacket, especially if it is gathered towards the hem.

Try another easy look with linen as we transition into the fall season. Hard to imagine less than a week after the official start to summer, but a great structured white linen pant looks fabulous with a cotton or cashmere sweater, scarf and a crossover body bag. If you’re still thinking a scarf will be too warm, opt for layering with several long necklaces. Forgo the scarf and crossover bag and grab a wristlet purse instead. You can also go the route of pairing a linen pant in the fall with fitted long sleeve blouses and a cropped double breasted jacket or jean jacket for a more conservative feel.

Whatever way you decide to wear your linen pants, remember that linen can be worn through the fall, just as white is a year round color. Have fun and mix and match your fabrics and textures because maximizing your wardrobe is truly the name of the game!

Click here to see some great linen looks that I put together!

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