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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Do You Need A Look Book?

A while back I started putting together lookbooks for clients. I, and they, have found this tool to be quite useful. If you haven't seen a lookbook, they are typically used by designers to send their collection to beauty editors and are images of styled outfits. 

I put together lookbooks containing images of clothing that I have coordinated for the client based upon new purchases and existing items in the closet. Many of the pictures will have the client in them, and some others with the clothes laid out on a flat surface or hung on a hanger. I also like to include with the looks some  shoes, scarves, handbags and jewelry items that work well with the look and for different circumstances, such as more or less casual. In addition, each new season I add to the book, taking existing items from other seasons to create transitional dressing options and to show how the new items in the client's closet work with what they already have. 

The overall goal continues to be one thing: when the client steps into their closet each day they know they have choices of what to wear to accompany their needed dress attire for the day, mood or weather conditions. So many of us need clothing to work with the various things we are involved with daily. Taking advantage of a lifestyle wardrobe and having the pictures to use as an ongoing reference not only provides an ease to our morning routine, but is a great time savor. How many times have you stood in your closet and tried on several outfits before getting that one combination that works and makes you feel good? Most clients report to me that they leave the book in or near their closet and simply turn to a page and begin their day. For many, it keeps them from wearing the same things over and over.

I set up a lookbook based upon your lifestyle. For example, if you work in a casual atmosphere, then we start with those outfits coordinated from day to night. After that the book goes from weekend wear to dressy. Many pictures offer multiple options of accessories. The positive feedback on the lookbooks have been tremendous.

As the season moves into fall, it's a great time to think about a closet consult and having a lookbook put together. If you are not able to shop, no worries! Most people have what they need in their closet, but don't know how to coordinate different looks to achieve other styles. 

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