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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Updating Your Wardrobe to Make it Say WOW!

One of the many things I do consistently with clients through the years is updating through alterations items in their wardrobe. I find that most clients have wonderful garments that with a little bit of tweaking fit into their present lifestyle. It may be a matter of a hem, a nip on the sides, a change in the collar, updating the button or removing pleats. This applies for both men and women.

For most men, the simple removal of a cuff at the bottom of a pant or tapering a jacket lapel makes all the difference. For women who have hung onto their suit jackets, simple removal of shoulder pads or updating the buttons generally does the trick. I have been known to have a client remove the sleeves altogether, taper the sides closer to their body and make it a vest. Simplifying the button color to appear monochromatic is another way of updating a garment. Just because a garment comes with a particular button or belt, that does not mean they have to be used. G-d knows, I have seen some buttons and belts on garments that have left me shaking my head or giggling under my breath!

I can't tell you the positively shocking responses I have received from clients after having their garments tailored. I use a wonderful tailor who works hand and hand with me to create new looks for clients. One of my favorite examples is from this past spring with a client who is quite petite. She has a cute shirtdress with breast pockets and a regular button down collar. The collar was very masculine and closed off her neckline. I recommended the tailor change the collar to a mandarine neckline, which visually was more feminine and comfortable. I also wanted to give the client an opportunity to wear a chunky necklace to soften the appearance of the shirtdress. Breast pockets appear best on women that are small breasted. The detail is of the flap and button is perfect.

What about dresses that are too short at this point in our lives? The quick and easy solution is to make the top into a tunic! Think in terms of what you may want to wear the tunic with - jeans or leggings? Remember to have a pair of pants on before shortening the dress. Also keep in mind that you do want your back end covered. Have the seamstress mark the garment all the way around. For some of us, our back ends may have a little more padding and may cause the fabric to creep up ever so slightly. Get my drift? Lastly, for dresses that are too short to wear but have a fitted bottom on the thighs while being fuller in the body, think in terms of a tunic style top again. Place the narrow fitted bottom on your hips and have the seamstress take the excess out through the middle out. It will change the silhouette dramatically and makes a sassy updated look.

I can't say enough about starting in your closet by evaluating each garment to see if it can be altered to fit and look better for your present lifestyle! If you have a question about an item and are not ready to part with it, bring it to your tailor and discuss the possibilities.

I'd love to see your redo's, so send me a snap!

From my closet to yours-


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