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Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Places to Shop on a Budget

I know you all know how much I just love Zappos, and I recently wrote about 6pm. I shopped a lot locally for the clothing the models wore at the book shoot, and I do wholeheartedly support shopping locally. Sometimes, though, you have a budget in mind for what you're shopping for, or you just can't find it in your local area. You know, that perfect party dress that you may only wear once, or the conservative interview attire you hope to only wear during the interviews at the job that allows business casual. Or maybe you find it crazy to spend over a $100 on a pair of sneakers you wear infrequently, like my tennis shoes. I haven't seen them in a while!

I recently came across a wonderful site, Sierra Trading Post. Mostly for outdoor gear, I was pleasantly surprised to discover they carry brands like New Balance tennis shoes. I checked some other sites, and Sierra Trading Post offers some pretty good discounts, even when not on clearance. I know you know that living in NC we don't get a lot of winter weather, but this is definitely a site I'll use to stock up on some bad weather gear and tennis shoes to run around in.

As much as I hate to say this, but with the kids having just gone back to school and Labor Day coming up, we are about to hear a lot about the holidays, so get ready! I use gift cards a lot for people who are acquaintances or that I do work with occasionally and they've done an outstanding job, or who I know prefer a gift card to specific stores. I know a lot of managers use gift cards as rewards for employees who they may know only in a work context.

I found a great gift card website, GiftCardGranny, and they buy, sell and exchange gift cards. I might even use it for myself. If I buy a $100 gift card for $65, and buy something I may wear a couple times this year at 40-50% off, then I've made a purchase that would have otherwise cost me $120-$150 for $65. If you take care of the item, you can sell it on consignment in January or February, and may get your original investment of $65 back. How great is that?!?!

Free stuff is also good...don't forget to comment on our FaceBook contest, too, about whether you change clothes after work, whether to relax, keep them clean, or to do another activity. The contest comes from me laughing at the idea of my mom making me change out of my good school clothes and into something she didn't mind if I got it super dirty. Now we're all so busy going from one activity to another, I wondered if we had the time or inclination to do that anymore. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

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