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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Flash Was Poppin'!

My book...after all the pretty words were edited, discussed, and edited again, I got to move on to my favorite part. Can you guess what that was? You're right! The shopping and the pretty pictures. How did you know?

Setting up for a book shoot is harder than it looks or sounds, just so you know. First, you find the models and the photographer. If your photographer knows a fantastic location after hearing what the book is about, roll with it. If not, finding a location is key to presenting the picture in your mind's eye. We're not even to the hard part yet.

There are also such nitty gritty details as lining up hair and make-up for the day(s) of the shoot. Making sure you have enough rolling racks, hangers, shoes and accessory boxes is smart, too. After deciding on your models, it's time to figure out what they are going to wear. That's the hard part. While I was writing the book, and then during editing, I had a mental picture of how I wanted to use the images to illustrate what I was talking about.

Have you ever been shopping and can't find what you want? Try shopping on a deadline because you have models, photographer, location, and hair and make-up artists coming. There's some pressure! I did finally get what I wanted to find, and everything worked perfectly.

Hopefully, you've seen some pictures on Facebook and Twitter - if not, you'll just need to wait for the book to come out!

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