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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho, off to Charlotte Fashion Week we go!

Yesterday I headed out from Raleigh with my partner in crime, Jeannie.  Getting to Charlotte for fashion week was an exciting trip - with the torrential rains that made the two and a half hour ride a very long three hour ride and limited munchies of only pistachios and a bottle of water, we fought the rains, crazy drivers and what seemed to be endless construction.

On the way we decided to stay local instead of braving the roads and weather to get back. Booked on Priceline on the way - thankfully they have an app for that! Arriving at the hotel and quickly trying to change into formal attire to attend the fundraiser kick-off reception was no easy feat, either. My dress, which I had only worn only one other time at another fundraiser, was not working. Stylist malfunction - OMG.

The dress offers about 6 different ways to be worn, wrapping the long front panels around my body. I prayed for no wardrobe malfunction during the event and made Jeannie promise she would keep an eye out to make sure that didn't happen. Luckily, our hotel was only three blocks from the event. Finally, we made it up to the 7th floor private party of the hotel where I was greeted by Anthony Simon, the executive director of Charlotte Fashion Week. I was immediately whisked away and handed a microphone.

Samantha Busch
My fist interview was Samantha Bush, the host of the event. What a cute young thing. She’s really sweet and a little nervous about the new and exciting opportunity ahead of her. As we chatted, I made her feel at ease by talking about things she was most comfortable speaking about. Fitness and shoes - two of my favorite topics! On to what was almost a blur of interviews.

Troy Pelshak
I met Troy Pelshak, who played football for the St. Louis Rams. Troy was the guest speaker for the evening benefitting the American Cancer Society. He spoke of the loss of his father to cancer within three months of being diagnosed. He is a very eloquent speaker and you could tell he really cares about defeating cancer. Besides his moving words to the crowd gathered for the fundraiser, I could not take my eyes off the fabulous mandarin color embroidered shirt he wore. Custom made, no doubt!

Lots of fabulous fashion going on, too. Women in all sorts of dresses - short and long, loose, fitted and more fitted, as well as a few I would not dare to comment on. I met two young women who were wearing one designer’s gowns, too. The designer couldn’t be there, but the girls were busy showing off her style.

I saw quite a bit of animal print in all shapes and forms including a shoe boot, a hat, and dress. Animal print for some reason makes me want to growl! The cutest interview was with a six year old who will be modeling in tonight’s fashion show for GapKids, and she was wearing a great animal print. A girl after my own heart! She is already a fashionista in the making and with her smile and big brown eyes, I just wanted to warn the mother to hold onto her hat. I expect to see this little fashionista on many more runways!

Wayne Shields
As the evening wound down, I tried to step back and take it all in. I met dozens of people - designers, Anthony's partner Wayne Shields from Plitzs Fashion Marketing, NFL players (Natrone Means!), models, another stylist from Charlotte and yes, the DJ's assistant wanting to meet a stylist. Ask me how much I slept last night? Between Jeannie sounding like a snuffleupagus and thinking about the nights events, it wasn't much.

Gotta run - off to get my hair and make-up done for tonight’s first fashion show. Is this fun or what?!?

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