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Friday, September 2, 2011

What do you mean...Really?

What a glorious day to go shopping, checking out fall goods and yes, I have to admit, I had a motive to be hitting the stores. I was pre-shopping for a client who has beautiful hand painted and wonderfully woven scarves that needed some simple tops to highlight the beauty of the accessories. After a grueling 3.5 hour meeting with my marketing person, I was primed and excited to stretch my legs and start shopping. Ever had that fist pumping kind of excitement, wondering what you might find, and really excited to find out what it is? So what if I am a little over the top when it comes to looking at clothing.

By the way, have I mentioned that I am having my website redone and totally updated to better match what Wardrobe Consulting is doing these days? I have decided to pursue a whole new color scheme of navy and camel. My WC logo is about to be shelved, as well. Now look, it has been wonderful for the past almost 20 years, but don't you think it is time to hang it up and do as I always tell my clients? Update, update, update….everyone needs an update at least every decade if not sooner. Now, I'm obviously talking about clothes .....

Cruised by Galatea today to see what possibilities they had for my client. Susan, the store manager, is great about highlighting new items. Check out the trunk show they have coming up, should be quite cool! Local designer and his first trunk show - should be a great opportunity to buy stuff no one else has!

Galatea Boutique is hosting the trunk show on Saturday, Sept. 10, for Tierra Ideas. Matt Mahler is a local designer who makes eco-friendly bags from inner tubes donated by Performance Bicycle and upcycled aircraft textiles donated by Delta Air Lines. Ten percent of the proceeds are donated by Tierra Ideas to Delta's chosen charitable organization, which has been the Nature Conservancy. Tierra Ideas has been featured in USA today and Diane Sawyer's "Made in America," so be sure to come meet the designer and order your sustainable, locally made bag at his first trunk show. If you already have plans that day, be sure to check his inventory at http://www.tierraideas.com/

Next, I went to Crabtree Mall and started my path at Ann Taylor, where they had a fabulous chartreuse button down sweater with a darker coppery sequin top. I saw tons of tones of greens, olives, browns and caramels - rich tones that will work with navy, stone, black and brown. I hope, if you don't have a sequin top already in your wardrobe, you try one on and see how you like it. Let me know if you have questions on how to wear sequins anything. It's easy, and not just for the holidays!

Next, I cruised on to Nine West, but not before I stopped at White House Black Market. Years ago I wondered how long that store could be profitable selling just white and black items. I think it was about five years ago that the company changed their tune and started to bring in beige and a few other colors intermittently. I saw a great three mannequin display as I cruised into the store. The middle outfit was a channel style jacket paired with a print blouse with cobalt blue and red roses. Loved the pattern mixing. The other two mannequins were more simply dressed but accessorized to the hilt. As I was snapping a picture to tweet it how much I loved it, I was stopped by a salesperson and asked if I was taking a photo to send to a friend. I mentioned that I was a stylist and I wanted to tweet the picture out. She proceeded to tell me it was against company policy and that I couldn't take a picture. I was so stunned I just replied, “Really?” She reiterated it again, so I did a quick sweep for what I was hunting for and left the store. Not without snapping a picture of their windows on the way out. If anyone, and I mean anyone, gets that store policy, please explain it to me, ‘cuz I really need a proper explanation. This world is all about doing the social media thing right?

Next stop, the Nine West store. I was still foaming at the mouth at what had just happened at White House Black Market, so this time I asked if I could take a snap. The store manager was so friendly and thrilled that I wanted to take a picture, she even helped me figure out how to eliminate pictures on my Driod to make room for the pictures I wanted to take. This is when my family would be rolling their eyes at my lack of understanding of my cell phone. Check out this hot looking blue, black and brown python and the matching bag. Now that is a killer shoe. She offered to let me try it and we had further dialogue about a pair of black sequin boots that I enquired about. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

All in all, it was great being out in the stores and seeing what fall fashions have begun to make their way to the front of the stores. Don't forget this weekend is going to be a killer weekend for all last ditch efforts for great buys on summer items. Shop the stores with nothing in mind and I expect you will find at least one treasure, if not a few!

P.S. Again, if anyone knows about White House Black Market’s crazy policy I would love to hear a further explanation. You'd think that after 20 plus years in retail I would have seen and heard everything!

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