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Friday, September 23, 2011

Kicking it off with cute kids!

Last night’s start of Charlotte Fashion Week was with a Gap Kids Fashion Show. Samantha Busch came up on the stage and gave her introductions to get the show going.

Let me back up to the afternoon, though, since there is a lot of work that goes into a fashion show for everyone (including the kids). So, as I have mentioned dozens of times, The Limited sponsored my duds for all three nights, which was really great since I got to see all their new stuff when I did their grand opening at Streets of Southpoint. Sometime mid-afternoon I tromped up the hill a few blocks with my tight bad-ass jeans on and my signed Vince Camuto shoe boots. I was feeling pretty shee-shee to go and get my hair and make-up done by the beauty stylist assigned to me (who was also doing the models for the show).

Met with the lead make-up artist, Shari, and showed her my dress. We discussed a smoky eye. Thursday I rolled into Bobbi Brown at Crabtree Mall where I met a regional representative who did a fabulous job on my smoky eye for Wednesday night’s charity event. Shari was great, but I was slightly concerned that I look like someone slugged me and my eye was purple. Nothing that couldn't be toned down, right?

Marissa was very young but she did do a good job with the old locks, after all. A little curl here and there, and something that would hold all night. I said I was easy to style, but I definitely have my own thoughts about my hair and make-up. Hey, it only took me 25 years to realize I look better as a brunette and not a blond.

I did feel pretty great in my outfit though. I could definitely hold my own against those models. Not! LOL

Back to Gap Kids and the start of the show. I’d watched the kids while I was getting hair and make-up done, and I knew they’d have a long day, so I was curious to watch them on the runway. The show kicked off with the first young model, Marissa, who I interviewed the night before at the charity event. Sassy at 6 is amazing! The fashions and models were fabulous. It quickly brought me back to when my kids were young and dressing from Gap Kids. Lots of play on layering, mixture of patterns, leggings, jackets and jeans, and even Hello Kitty tees with glitter came into view. The kids stole the show, some with their swagger, blowing of kisses, waves to the crowd and hip jerking movements. The crowd ate it up and my heart melted. I expect it will be a while before I am dressing grandkids.

During the evening before the show and in between sets, I had a microphone and an opportunity to interview many people. A few of the highlights that come to mind was a woman who was there to photograph the event. Mia was quite a beauty herself and she had this sassy haircut and great big oversized gold hoop earrings. I love it when women wear things so confidently.

I also interviewed two men, John and Jacque. John looked quite dapper in his candy apple, red and white striped shirt with French cuffs and aviator sunglasses. His buddy Jacque, whose profession I didn't catch or he didn't mention, was the guy who had it going on. He had on a three piece denim suit stitched back in gold. His pants were baggy, the vest fitted and the jacket more of a duster. It was his creation and only he could probably carry it off without looking like a gangster. It was a fantastic look for him, and definitely eye-catching in the front row.

I also met and chatted with another local stylist. Ryan is doing his thing with clients and looked quite rocking with his navy and white spotted shirt and soft pink tie and pocket square. Personally, I would have thrown in a paisley pocket square and called it a day! Can’t wait to see what he’s wearing tonight….

Some of the other highlights of the evening were a young woman by the name of Alexis Scott with a line by the name of Sada. Her design inspiration has been her mother and she doesn't have a particular look she is going after. She showed diverse looks, including a high-waisted pencil skirt and short bolero style, fitted short sleeve jacket, and sheer camel shirt. The fabric of the jacket and skirt was similar to Burberry’s signature plaid design. I also really liked her creative use of men’s neckwear in a red tie worn with a Peter Pan collar.

The show stopper of the evening was Stephanie Teague, designer of the eco line Pretty Birdie. She designs and uses all eco-friendly sustainable and recycled fabrics. She sells now on Etsy and designs and sews all her designs by hand herself. Her designs are all very wearable, with comfort and creativity all rolled up into one. Even the very simple cotton a-line, v-neck flowered dress was fabulous. As the model turned the corner, I saw this very easy dress instantly appear chic with a low back come into view. The elbow length, moss-colored, full neck sweater could easily be worn alone with jeans or leggings, layered with a blouse, or over a dress. Simple chic was what Stephanie showed and the crowd ate it up.

Last night was just the beginning of what I expect to be a fabulous next couple of days. The venue couldn't be better as well. The Epicenter in downtown Charlotte has an upper floor patio area complete with a stage and bar. As I continue to reflect on last night’s event while sucking down my Starbucks, I get chills just thinking about what tonight might bring. Hmmm, I know I am excited, but then again maybe it is the room’s air conditioning that is causing me to shiver. Gotta run and head to hair and make-up once again....

Tonight I am wearing my one shoulder aubergine dress from The Limited.......ahhhh…..

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