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Monday, September 19, 2011

Say cheese, Suzanne.....

Thursday was all about working on the photography portion of my new website. All I know is that I really can't stand the mug that is being shown presently on my FaceBook account and I am eager to get that woman who I think is me in that designer starched white blouse off the screen. Imagine that, a stylist disliking her own pictures. I wish you all had a little camera into my world last night, as I often remind myself that I shop always for me last. Clients first, and then, if I am lucky to leave town for a brief stint, I like to shop.

Wednesday night I proceeded to go through my wardrobe pulling out things that would potentially photograph well and highlight my new dark hair and bright hazel eyes. A closet consultation for me, really. I took about 7 dresses to my one of my favorite jewelers and good friend, Christine Jones. It is not like I don't have a nice collection of accessories, but then again why not see what Chris might have. That's what good friends are for, right?

After an hour of talking business and some other choice topics, I load my arms back up and leave with what many might say a doggy bag or a good bag of earrings and necklaces. I can't wait until her daughter starts wearing her mother’s jewelry! I choose 3 outfits for my photo shoot. These pictures will hopefully cover any pictures needed for the next couple of years, provided I don't go back to blond (no way, Jose!) or get a face lift. No to both, I love my wrinkles.

Back to my outfits. I chose a red dress that yes, I have to admit, has been waiting for the right occasion and the right body. Since neither has come of late, I realize it’s now or never! The little black dress was adorned by a rather large necklace of green and silver. Are you getting the visual? Lastly, I did a deep purple blouse and a black skirt for my "official" business look. I had all my bases covered and I trucked over to my new best friend’s photography studio. Let me just say this. After a grueling hour and a half you want your photographer to help you work that lens. And I mean work it! For the next 10 days Glen Parson is going to be my best friend. He shot me Thursday, he shot me Friday with my dog and a few clients for my website, and next week for Charlotte Fashion Week. He, along with my partner-in-crime Jeannie, is going to move me and photograph me with every designer, hair stylist, make-up artist, and star wanna-be for the event. So, it is all about Glen!

The second half of my day was equally as exciting. The Limited has graciously offered to sponsor my outfits for Charlotte Fashion Week. I trucked to Crabtree and went through the box that was sent from corporate. I love the three outfits I chose along with the fun acceccories. It is important for me to not be the belle of the ball, because it should be all about the people I will be interviewing. Let me just say, as Jeannie reminds me often, ‘Suzanne it isn't always about you.’ LOL. The manager Emily and her assistant were great. I only had an hour and I am all about making it happen. The clothes I chose for Charlotte Fashion Week from The Limited will be donated to charity when I am done. How wonderful is that! Can't wait to get on the runway and meet all the models and the host, Samantha Busch. I will be the on-site host which will include me flying by the seat of my dress to wherever the action is. I can't wait. But in the mean time, check out my dresses that I have selected from The Limited!

Stay tuned for more to come. Do you think I should casually mention to my old dog Skip to my Loo that we will be photographed together for my new website? Nah, she’s is snoring……better let her rest for the busy day ahead!

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